• Create, execute, and fulfill promotions for trade to supplement the advertising and marketing plan including, but not limited to; radio, television, print, web, social media, and retail partners.

  • Full service brand management including, but not limited to; providing logos, copy points and assets, creating unique prizing that helps increase brand awareness out of market, and garnering approvals with clients and their partners.

  • Fulfill all promotions through Mixed Media Entertainment's redemption department. For ease, winners will contact our office and Mixed Media Entertainment will coordinate to get all necessary information i.e. confirmation numbers, instructions, etc. Mixed Media Entertainment has a 24-hour redemption phone to handle any redemption issues after hours or over the weekend.

  • Supply comprehensive reporting of promotional activities including air checks, screen shots, opt-in list (if applicable), etc. 

Non-Promotional Specialties

  • Celebrity Red Carpets
  • Third Party Partnerships and Lessee Inclusions
  • Full Service Public Relations
  • Mixed Charity Events
  • Mixed Media Partnerships
  • Movie, DVD, and Network Launches
  • LGBT & Spanish Media
  • International Media Promotional Partnerships: China & Germany
  • Grassroots Campaigns: Mall, Gyms, Artistic Community, and Business Associations

Certificate Redemption 

  • Mixed Media Entertainment redeems approximately 2,000 certificates a year
  • Mixed Media Entertainment creates certificates, books winners, and tracks all redemption
  • Mixed Media Entertainment has a 24 hour emergency hotline to assist winners